Any prospective student visiting Sumter Beauty College is provided with written information about the course, including the current price. At this time, the total cost of the course is $12,100.00 with the breakdown as follows: 

*An application/enrollment fee of $100.00, which is not refundable. No prospective student is encouraged to turn in a completed   application and application fee until he/ she is ready to commit to beginning classes. Note: The application fee must be paid again if it has been longer than five months since the original application was filed, and/or the prospective student has not begun classes within three months of the date they originally plan to start classes, whichever is greater.

* Fees for student kit with supplies, textbooks and workbooks and mannequins. Note: Students transferring into the program or returning from a previous enrollment may not need to purchase an entire books/kit/mannequin package. The school staff will check what supplies the student already has, and provide a list of what is required, with appropriate prices. This must be arranged before enrollment contracts and payment plans are calculated. At this time, the cost of the kit, books and mannequins total $900.00 , a portion of which must be paid at least the week before classes begin.

*Tuition fees. The current cost of the tuition for the 1500 hour program is $11,100.00 (Students contracting for only a portion of the course will be charged at $7.40 per hour needed.)

All payment arrangements are handled on an individual basis, and must be arranged through the Admissions Office with a staff member at least a week before any classes have begun. Students may apply for a Pell Grant to assist them with the cost of their training program. After meeting the Admissions Requirements and being accepted for enrollment, you may make application for this aid through our offices at no additional charge, or you may complete your own applications online and furnish copies to the office. How much your grant pays is dependent upon several factors of qualification and can also be affected by the time of year you enroll in classes, and your exact school schedule.  In addition to Pell Grants through the U.S. Dept. of Ed., the school can assist you in applying for financial help through Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, Veterans Administration programs, or other state agencies, if you meet their qualification guidelines.

Please Note: If a student chooses to apply for his/her own Pell Grant, the applications must have our school code of 017236 on them so that we will receive a copy of the information.


All students will normally have a personal balance that is due to the school, although the amount may vary depending on whether the student qualified for, applied for and received financial aid. Some students may choose not to apply for any financial aid as well.